Olympus Electronic Flash FL-36

Designed specifically for Digital cameras
The FL-36 provides the precise lighting adjustment needed for digital photography. Intensity can be controlled in 1/8EV steps. Designed specifically for use with digital cameras, it minimizes the decline in light intensity at the periphery of the image.

Lockable Bounce Mechanism
With lateral as well as vertical bounce, this unit supports a variety of bounce effects.

Dual Lighting in Conjunction with Built-in Flash

By mounting the FL-36 on the hot shoe of the E-300 digital SLR camera, it is possible to operate the unit in tandem with the camera's built-in flash unit. The built-in flash can then be used to create bounce shots with catch-lights in the pupils of the eyes.

Keterangan/Data Produk

Guide number
(ISO 100m)
Automatic switching 36 at 42 mm, 20 at 12 mm (with ISO100 film)
Firing angle Automatic switching At 12mm (equivalent to 24 mm on 35 mm film camera):
Up-down 62 deg., left-right 78 deg. (covering 12 mm lens)
At 42 mm (equivalent to 85 mm on 35 mm film camera):
Up-down 21 deg., left-right 28 deg. (covering 42 mm lens)
Up to 8 mm (equivalent to 16 mm on 35 mm film camera) with wide panel (included)
Flash modes TTL Auto, Auto, Manual, FP TTL Auto, FP Manual
Bounce angles Up: 0-90 deg., down: 7.5 deg., right: 0-90 deg., left: 0-180 deg.
Power supply AA (LR6) alkaline batteries x 2
AA (FP6) lithium batteries x 2
AA (ZR6) Ni-Mn batteries x 2
3V lithium battery pack (LB-01) (CR-V3) x 1
AA Oxyride batteries x 2
AA Ni-MH batteries x 2
Dimensions 65mm (W) x 109mm (H) x 95mm (D)
Weight 270g (excluding batteries)

Charging efficiency has been improved through the use of a newly developed energy-saving circuit. The FL-36 provides excellent charging and flashing performance with just two AA batteries. The unit also features advanced high-density circuit boards for control and charging. In addition, Olympus has added a newly designed compact zoom head with support for the equivalent of a 24-85mm range on a 35mm film camera (16mm, 20mm when the wide panel is used).