Olympus Electronic Flash FL-50

5 Modes

  • TTL Auto:
    Flashes after measuring appropriate illumination with a pre-flash.
  • Auto:
    Controls illumination to match lens aperture, using the FL-50R's light receptor window.
  • Manual:
    Flash uses guide number setting
  • FP-TTL Auto:
    Synchronizes with shutter speeds of up to 1/4000 sec.
  • FP-Manual:
    FP flash at manually set illumination.

Fine Correction of Flash Illumination

Correct flash illumination in a range of ±3 EV, in fine-grained steps of ±1/3 EV.

Flash Features

  • Redeye Reduction
    Reduces redeye caused by flash in developed photos.
  • Slow Synchro
    Flashes with slow shutter.
  • Second-curtain Synchro
    Flashes just before exposure ends, using a slow shutter.
Keterangan/Data Produk

Guide number
(ISO 100·m)
Automatic switching from 50 at 42mm to 28 at 12mm
Firing angle Automatic switching
At 12mm : Up-down 61deg. , left-right 78 deg.
At 42mm : Up-down 21deg. , left-right 28 deg.
When the wide panel is used for 8mm
Bounce angles Up to 90 deg. ,down 7 deg. ,right 0 to 90 deg. ,left 0 to 180 deg.
Power supply AA ( R6 ) Alkaline batteries x 4
AA ( R6 ) Lithium batteries x 4
AA ( R6 ) Ni-Mn batteries x 4
3V lithium battery pack (LB-01) x 2
AA ( R6 ) Ni-Cd batteries ( 1000mAh ) x 4
AA ( R6 ) Ni-MH batteries ( 1900mAh ) x 4
Dimensions 78mm W x 141mm H x 107mm D (protuberances not included)
Weight 375g ( without batteries)

A new high-powered flash developed specifically for digital SLR cameras. GN28 at 12 mm focal length (equivalent to 24 mm on a 35mm film camera); GN50 at 42 mm focal length (equivalent to 85 mm on a 35mm film camera). Automatically adjust the flash coverage to the lens when zooming, or set it manually. A wide range of features are also available, including redeye reduction, slow synchro, and second-curtain synchro. GN is equivalent to ISO-100.